Can these huge freezers help a vaccine rollout?

A German manufacturer that specializes in cold-storage machines says it's seeing a surge in demand for its deep freezers, a logistics problem that could be critical to the rollout of some coronavirus vaccines.

The company is called va-Q-tec, and it says it can offer freezers that keep temperatures at a constant minus 60 degrees Celsius or lower, thats -76F for ”up to 10 days" without an outside energy source.

The vaccines developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, its German partner BioNtech, and Moderna require deep freezing.

Joachim Kuhn is CEO of va-Q-tec.

"At the end of last week we already received an order, a so-called term sheet, to transport large amounts of vaccines across the globe. At the same time we are currently working on 20-30 coronavirus projects, some smaller, some larger. (...) Our containers work with an extreme insulation, which is like a thermos flask with plate insulation so our containers isolate very well. If you add a storage medium inside to handle the cold or the heat you can transport goods for a very long time without the help of an external energy source”

He’s predicting va-Q-tec containers will be heavily involved in the global logistics effort to transport large amounts of vaccines.

The company earlier this month said that it would significantly expand its container fleet over the coming months in anticipation of more orders.