Howard Stern Blasts Kari Lake and ‘Nut Job’ Supporters: ‘This Country’s Getting More and More F–d Up’

Howard Stern flamed Kari Lake after she vowed last night to be the press’ “worst freaking nightmare” if elected Arizona’s next governor.

“We are going to make you guys into journalists again, so get ready,” the Republican candidate told reporters on election night. “It’s gonna be a fun eight years. I can’t wait to be working with you.”

While the race between Lake and Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs remains too close to call, Stern shot back at her Wednesday morning.

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“We have a free press. We like the press. We want people looking into you. We wanna know if there’s corruption. We like Watergate, we like reporters who tell us what’s going on,” he began. “When did this country become so f—ing backwards?”

“The Howard Stern Show” host and his co-host Robin Quivers pointed out that the press’ job is to “[make] you accountable, which is what you should be.”

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In answer to his own question, “What does it mean when you’re against reporters?” Stern answered, mockingly, “I wanna do whatever I wanna do and I don’t want any criticism.”

Lake’s supporters were also on the receiving end of the hosts’ criticism, with Stern deeming them “crazy people” and “nut jobs.”

“These are not Americans. These are traitors. They don’t believe in the American way. They wanna lock up the reporter. They’re gonna be the worst nightmare to the reporters,” he continued. “I mean, who votes for this woman? How did she get three votes?”

After learning that a winner hadn’t been declared yet, Stern said it was “sad” and “a shame” that the race was that close. “That means somebody buys into her saying, ‘I’m going to be the worst enemy of the press.'”

By the end of their conversation, Stern gave a gloomy assessment of American democracy: “F—d up, man. This country’s getting more and more F—d.”

Mediaite first reported on the segment.

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