Houston Texans Star JJ Watt Gifts 6-Year-Old Fan a Football

Before the Houston Texans beat the New England Patriots 27-20 on November 22, a young NFL fan experienced an early highlight of her own when Texans defensive end JJ Watt gave her a football.

Footage captured by Melvin Barber shows Watt walking up a flight of steps at Houston’s NRG Stadium while covering his mouth and nose with a hoodie before he gives a ball to Barber’s daughter, six-year-old Emily, who is wearing a Watt jersey.

Speaking to Storyful, Barber said Watt noticed his daughter “yelling and waving her arms so he came over to the railing and motioned for her to come over.” He then “hopped the rail” so he could greet the young fan.

Barber added, “she got to play catch with him last year and wanted to do it again. He wasn’t going around doing his catch thing due to corona, but he came to our corner to warm up.” Credit: Melvin Barber via Storyful