Houston Police Say Off-Duty Officer Fired Weapon During Deadly Nightclub Incident

Police in Houston, Texas, said an off-duty officer discharged his weapon, hitting “at least one male”, during a deadly shooting incident in a nightclub in the early hours of May 31.

Chief Troy Finner said a number of police officers were working security at the club, Cle, when they were alerted to shots being fired inside.

One of the deputies discharged his weapon, Finner said. Two people were killed, and two taken to hospital, he said. One of them was critical, the other stable. The police officer was not injured in the incident.

Finner said he believed one of those killed was a suspect hit by the off-duty officer, but he said he did not want to pre-judge the investigation and that police would be reviewing video from inside the club.

He said it was possible other suspects were still at large. No suspects were in custody, he said. Credit: Houston Police Department via Storyful