House passes GOP bills aiming to block dishwasher and fridge efficiency standards

The House on Tuesday passed a pair of bills that aim to block efficiency standards for refrigerators and dishwashers — the latest in a series of Republican efforts to hit the administration on household appliance restrictions.

The refrigerator bill passed the House 212-192 and the dishwasher bill passed 214-192.

The legislation is unlikely to be taken up by the Democrat-controlled Senate or signed by President Biden.

The votes are instead messaging measures that take aim at the Biden administration, which has issued rules aimed at making the appliances more efficient. The White House argues the increased efficiency will be better for the planet and help consumers save on their energy bills.

But Republicans contend that the standards limit consumer choice and may also force higher upfront costs on consumers.

The GOP has over the past couple of years hammered Democrats on efforts to shift the nation toward more efficient stoves and other appliances, turning the fight into a culture war issue.

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