House Oversight Chairman James Comer claims to have lost his informant in Biden probe

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House Oversight & Accountability Chairman James Comer told Fox News on Sunday that one of the informants of his probe into President Joe Biden had gone missing.

Mr Comer’s words come days after he and a coterie of Republicans on his committee held a press conference when they claimed to have hard evidence of Mr Biden’s family benefiting financially from American adversaries while Mr Biden was vice president. But the press conference produced no evidence that Mr Biden or his family members broke any laws.

The interview came on Sunday Morning Futures, with host Maria Bartiromo, who asked him if the whistleblower had gone missing.

“Well, we we're hopeful that we can find the informant,” he said.

“Remember these informants are kind of in the spy business so they don't make a habit of being seen a lot or being high profile or anything like that. We have basic information with respect to what the informant has alleged, and it's very serious.”

Mr Comer said that the informant claimed that Mr Biden engaged in a quid pro quo exchange during Mr Biden’s tenure as vice president.

“This is a very serious accusation,” he said. “All the FBI has to do is say, yeah, we looked into it and it wasn't a credible informant. But they won't answer our questions.”

In the buildup to the press conference, Mr Comer and other Republicans hinted they would provide bombshell evidence of wrongdoing. But at the press conference, Mr Comer said it was “inconceivable that the president did not know” that his family allegedly received “millions of dollars from China”.

Mr Comer has also alleged that Mr Biden’s son Hunter’s previous profesional relationship with a Chinese natonal played a role in Mr Biden’s decisions as president and said the president was “compromised” because of his son’s business dealings.

-Andrew Feinberg contributed reporting