House Of Lords 'Packed' As David Cameron Takes His Seat

Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton.
Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton.

Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton.

David Cameron has sealed his political comeback after officially being introduced in the House of Lords – and apparently causing more excitement than usual in the sometimes sleepy upper chamber of parliament.

The former prime minister took his seat in the Lords on Monday, a move that allows him to take up the post of Rishi Sunak’s foreign secretary as he has not been an MP since 2016.

He will be known as Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton – a nod to the Cotswolds town in his former constituency of Witney.

Peter Carington, who became Lord Carrington, was Margaret Thatcher’s foreign secretary from when she took office in 1979 until 1982, when he resigned to take responsibility for Argentina’s invasion of the Falklands.

It has been half a century since a former prime minister held a cabinet job, when Alec Douglas-Home served as foreign secretary between 1970 and 1974.

The red benches of the Lords were reportedly more full than usual, with people also sitting on the stairs and on the step at the foot of the throne.

Former Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox, who sits in the Lords as Baroness Fox of Buckley, said: “I’ve never seen Conservative benches so packed in 3 years here; some sitting on floor. Indeed all benches crammed. Like an A list celeb in the House. People genuinely thrilled & excited. Over David Cameron FGS. We’re doomed.”