House of Finn Juhl reissuing rarely-seen Little Mother sofa

House of Finn Juhl is now manufacturing a sofa based on one created in 1945 by the renowned Danish architect and industrial designer for his house.

The newly-christened "Little Mother" sofa is one of the lesser-known furniture designs of Juhl, who is now renowned for being at the vanguard of the "Danish Design" movement of the 1940s and 1950s.

The Little Mother sofa was created a few years after the iconic Poet sofa, which was christened in 1950 when Danish illustrator Jørgen Mogensen had a poet philosophizing from it in his popular "The Poet and Little Mother" cartoon.

Mogensen was actually inspired by a stylized prototype of the Little Mother sofa for his famous comic strip, with House of Finn Juhl noting that the cartoonist discovered Juhl's design in the house of the poet Frank Jaeger and his wife Kristen.

The couple was gifted the small sofa by Kristen's father and master joiner, Niels Vodder, who produced Juhl's furniture at the time.

Seventy years after its creation, House of Finn Juhl founders Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen note that the Little Mother sofa is still "extremely relevant in a modern context," also adding only a few copies of the design were produced during Juhl's lifetime.

Although the Little Mother sofa was originally a two-seater, House of Finn Juhl has decided to produce an additional three-seater model "to [fit] modern needs."

As is custom with the Danish furniture producer, the Little Mother sofa is entirely made by hand using traditional joinery and upholstery techniques.

"The sofa presents itself as a seamless design with a slight and natural curvature towards the center. The organic shape and tight upholstery nicely accentuate the sculptural expression of the sofa," the description for Little Mother reads, without mentioning the price of the piece of furniture.

Last May, House of Finn Juhl relaunched the Danish designer's iconic Grasshopper chair, which was notably deemed provocative when it debuted at a Copenaghen design fair in 1932.

Additional information about the newly-reissued "Little Mother" sofa can be found on House of Finn Juhl's official website.