House Explosion Shocks Trick-or-Treaters in Birmingham Suburb

Trick-or-treaters got a real fright on Halloween night when a house suddenly exploded due to a possible gas leak in Fultondale, Alabama.

Footage taken by Kayla Woodson shows trick-or-treaters witness and react to the shocking moment the explosion occurred.

“I thought [it] was decorations at first but as the fire got higher we realized it was a house fire and moved from the house the moment it blew up,” said Woodson.

Speaking to Storyful, Fultondale Fire Chief Justin McKenzie said that a few members of his crew were inspecting the house for a gas leak when the explosion happened.

One person was injured at the scene and was immediately sent to receive medical care.

The Fultondale Fire Department was working with the Alabama Gas Board to further inspect the situation and had cornered off the area. Credit: Kayla Woodson via Storyful

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