House collapses after Typhoon Nakri causes severe flooding in the Philippines

This is the dramatic moment a house collapsed after flooding caused by Typhoon Nakri in the Philippines.

More than 30 buildings were destroyed by the overflowing Cagayan river in the south of the country due to heavy rains brought by the storm.

Footage taken on November 9 shows one of the houses in Abulug town, Cagayan province, collapsing after its foundation gave in from the strong water currents.

The heartbroken owner of the house, April Catenza, said she could only watch on in despair as her house was swallowed up by the river.

She said: "I don't know how we can start again. We saved our money to build that house, and now it's gone."

The Cagayan Valley province was placed under state of calamity after the widespread and severe flooding in the region.

Typhoon Nakri left the Philippines on November 10 and has made landfall in Central Vietnam.