Should Philadelphia fans be concerned with the Eagles recent play? | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discuss the Eagles 17-16 victory over the Colts. Following their first loss of the season a week earlier to the Commanders, Philadelphia squeaked by Indianapolis. Are their reasons for the Philly faithful to panic? Or is it just an expected lull? Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video transcript

- Speaking of the Eagles, little close one. They beat the Indianapolis Colts in Indy 17 to 16, little late, late fourth, like last two minutes when they finally took the lead in this game. Definitely, a game that was a little scarier than I expected. And now, I'm starting to wonder, you know, a loss and then kind of another shaky game, and you start to think, wait, are people figuring them out? Look at Jalen Hurts, and you're like, OK, well, 18 completions for 190 yards, calling this number a lot in the run game again, which, man. I don't know, man. I think--

- I know.

- I'm just not a fan of Josh Allen doing that, taking it on his shoulders, not a fan of even Lamar being like, hey, 90% offense-- the quarterbacks where 90% of the offense runs through them, and some of it is taking 8, 10, 12 carries a game, 15 carries a game. That's-- I think that's problematic, and that's what really scares me about the Eagles. But I will say this, I felt like they tried to address the run issue, like I said, sign Linval Joseph, right? Sign Ndamukong Suh, those guys walk in and play. And I felt like, for the most part, considering how committed Indy was to running the football, they did a pretty good job. It wasn't like it was a-- I wouldn't look at Indy and say that was an effective run game for the Colts, especially once you got outside of the first touchdown, right?

- That's right, yeah.

- I mean, Jonathan Taylor after that first drive, they were not nearly as effective running the football.

Yeah, absolutely. I think, with the Eagles, look, it's a long season. You start off 8 and 0, you're feeling pretty good, like you're-- it's just there's going to be a lull unless you're like the 2007 Patriots who just kind of run over the whole NFL for a full year until Super Bowl. It doesn't surprise me that the Eagles aren't just going to blow out every team every week. This one was a little weird, though. It was-- I think it exposed some things they-- you're right. They can't-- their whole offense can't be Hurts running the ball. When they were really clicking early in the year, A.J. Brown was making big plays, DeVonta Smith was a big part of this, Miles Sanders was a big part of this.

Their running game has kind of abandoned them, outside of Hurts, who's really, really good in that dual-threat role. Their running game hasn't been that good. All of a sudden, their line has been kind of shaky a little bit, more than we were used to early in the year. But, you know, whatever. You get the win, you're 9 and 1, you still feel pretty good about yourself. You probably beat the Commanders if the officials didn't miss an egregious mask penalty against Dallas Goedert, so I'm not panicked.

I don't think this team is going anywhere. I just think-- look, they're not great. They're not going to walk to a Super Bowl. They should never have been a Super Bowl favorite or anything like that, but they're really good. They could win the NFC and then they got a shot but they're going to need to play better than they have the last couple of weeks. I think that starts with a line. I think that starts with getting people other than Jalen Hurts involved. Like you said, the run defense for them to shore that up-- I watched first drive and I'm like, Jonathan Taylor's going to run for--

- Yeah, that's what I thought too, yeah.

--150 yards in this game, like, oh my goodness, the Eagles can't stop anybody. And they really stopped it after that and I was impressed with that. Their defense came up with some big plays. They got it done when they had to. And this is the kind of win. Look, it's hard to win on the road in the NFL. It's hard to beat anybody in the NFL. We've seen so many teams this year lose games they had no business losing, so the fact that Philly could pull it together for one drive and even-- look, it was third and goal from like the 7-yard line when Jalen Hurts scored. It was no guarantee they were going to win right there. I give them a lot of credit for being tough mentally, getting the win, getting out of there, but, yes, there are some things they have to clean up. I think that's getting pretty clear.

- They're going to run into a Packers team too on Sunday Tonight Football next week. That's feeling good, you know? I mean, obviously, look, they're not coming off a win but it's not the crushed soul Packers team that it was earlier in the season. Look, do I think that they've got a shot in this? No, I don't. But I think it's still a team that looks like, if we fiddle with this, if we can fix some things now that we figured out that Christian Watson can catch touchdown passes from Aaron Rodgers, we're going to have an ability to be competitive in games moving forward.

If it was like the crushed soul Green Bay team-- and I'm not, again, I'm not saying they felt good coming off the loss this week. Clearly, Aaron Rodgers just wanted to get home. He said it, like, I get all that, but they don't feel dead, and it is a prime-time game. I don't think that's a, oh, it's a get-right game for Philly, like, oh, they're just running into a crap team. Packers are not the crap team that they were, you know--

- I don't know, man. Packers kinda stink--

- --a month ago.

- --right now.

- Packers are just-- they're kind of bad.

- I don't think they're the crap team they were a month ago.

- Look, anything's the Packers got a lot of talent, so, yeah, I don't know that the Eagles are necessarily going to just rub the score on them, but I hope the Eagles look a little bit better than they did today, like, as somebody who was high on the Eagles before the season, it felt really good. I'm like, oh--

- I'm just-- I'm calling it now. I'm calling it right now, I'm just telling you, the next Sunday night, it's going to be interesting. Now, if they get housed, if the Packers get housed, then I will--

- They might, they might.

- --come on here, and I will be like, Frank's got the receipts for this one.

They're bad, man. The Packers are bad the Packers are really bad this season.

- Yeah, all right.