From hotels to the homeless, Hong Kong NGO recycles soap

Recycling half-used bars of soap

from the hospitality industry

Location: Hong Kong

Soap Cycling partnered with

over 80 hotels in the city

and collected over 38,000 lbs of soap in 2019

(SOUNDBITE) (English) MANDARIN ORIENTAL HONG KONG DIRECTOR OF MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS JENNY JOHNSTON, SAYING:"Soap waste is a serious problem in the hospitality industry. If you think about it, guests don't take the soap with them when they leave the hotel, which is why we partnered with Soap Cycling. It's our responsibility to ensure that the impact is a sustainable and ethical one."

The collected soap bars are processed

by an army of volunteers into new ones

and packed into a hygiene kit that includes

//a face mask and hand sanitizer//

for those in need

(SOUNDBITE) (English) IMPACTHK PROGRAMME MANAGER MICHELLE WONG, SAYING:"The homeless, they do not have any money to buy any hygiene kits. That's why they come to us for the donation. So, and also they, in where they stay, they can't really keep any belongings. That's why this kind of hygiene kit, as a tester or sample, actually fits their needs."