Hotel Cocaine Stars Answer Our Burning Q: How Do You Fake-Snort All That Powder?

Now that we’re a few episodes into MGM+’s Hotel Cocaine, it’s time to answer the question: How do the members of the 1970s drama fake-snort all that prop powder?

Answer, according to Mark Feuerstein and Michael Chiklis: They don’t.

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“The special stagecraft of inhaling fake cocaine is that you go right in, and you actually just inhale nut powder — or lactose powder, which is what we use,” Feuerstein tells TVLine. The Royal Pains alum plays Mutiny Hotel owner Burton Greenberg in the series; the character’s hippie nature and enthusiasm for expanding his horizons, shall we say, means he’s willing to dabble in a variety of substances. Therefore, Feuerstein spent a lot of filming time with his face in a mountain of bogus blow.

“And then later, at your hotel, after 17 hours of shooting,” he continues, laughing, “you feel something in your mouth and nose. And you’re like, ‘Am I stuffed up? Do I have a cold? Oh no, that’s just the nut powder, congealing in my sinuses.’ Good times.”

hotel cocaine michael chiklis
hotel cocaine michael chiklis

As Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Zulio, Chiklis has far fewer reasons to inhale. But he remembers other jobs — such as the 1989 film Wired, in which he played John Belushi — where the fictitious flake was made of harsher stuff.

“It’s better, nut powder, I guess, because we used to use Vitamin B and insolitol—” he says.

Feuerstein’s jaw drops. “Oh my God!”

“— Which is a baby laxative,” Chiklis continues. “So at the end of a long day of shooting, I ended up in the toilet.”

As Feuerstein laughs loudly, Chiklis adds: “How we’ve progressed. You see how far we’ve come?”

Hotel Cocaine airs Sundays at 10/9c on MGM+.

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