Hotel association clarifies hidden camera incident occurred at Airbnb lodging

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KOTA KINABALU, Sept 25 — The incident of a hidden camera found in tourist accommodations by a honeymooning Chinese couple would have never occurred in a registered hotel, said the Sabah chapter of the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH).

Sabah MAH issued a statement today to clarify that the incident occurred in an Airbnb property and “not in a hotel as purported by some media sites.”

“It is highly essential for consumers to differentiate between registered and regulated hotels and other types of accommodation providers.

“Hotels are expected to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations to ensure the well-being of our guests. It is crucial to understand that Airbnb properties are not subject to the same regulations and standards as licensed hotels.

“Therefore, incidents like the one reported, while unfortunate, should not be attributed to the broader hotel industry as such actions can damage the trust and integrity of our accommodation sector as a whole,” it said.

Sabah MAH said it felt sorry for the tourists whose holiday was tarnished by the incident.

“As a representative of the hotel industry, MAH Sabah/Labuan Chapter, urges all accommodation providers, regardless of their classification, to prioritise guest safety and privacy. We encourage travellers to choose lodging options wisely, be vigilant about their surroundings, and report any concerns to the appropriate authorities,” they added.

A Chinese couple had lodged a police report last week after discovering the hidden camera hidden in an electric socket in their room.

Police are investigating the case but have yet to make any arrests.