Hot weather affecting GO, Via Rail trains. Here's what to expect

Metrolinx is advising commuters to check their schedules as hot weather blanketing the GTA this week is affecting train tracks on a number of lines Tuesday. (Justin Chandler/CBC - image credit)

Delays and cancellations are hitting GO and VIA Rail trains Tuesday thanks to a heat wave bringing sweltering temperatures to the Greater Toronto Area.

Metrolinx says a number of train trips have been affected as a result of the temperatures this week.

"During prolonged periods of high heat, rail tracks have the potential to soften and expand that require us to run trains at slower speeds," the transit agency said in a news release issued Tuesday.

The news release goes on to say that to ensure the safety of customers and crew, slow orders have been issued along the network in order to reduce the risk of track damage.

"We know that heat-related delays can be frustrating for customers, however we must take proactive measures to ensure the GO Transit network operates safely in all kinds of weather conditions," Metrolinx said, adding that it will continue to update customers on further service impacts this week.

There are no heat-related interruptions to the UP Express, Metrolinx added.

Here are the trips that were affected as a result of ongoing heat patrols and slow orders Tuesday:

Stouffville Line:

  • Union Station 14:12 – Mount Joy GO 15:07 – Express GO buses ran from Union Station Bus Terminal to Unionville GO, making all stops north to Mount Joy GO.

  • Mount Joy GO 15:34 – Union Station 16:29 – GO buses ran from Mount Joy GO, making all stops south to Unionville GO station, and then running express to Union Station Bus Terminal.

  • Customers travelling to and from Kennedy, Agincourt and Unionville GO are encouraged to take TTC.

  • The Union Station 15:12 – Mount Joy 16:24 train was adjusted to depart at 15:28.

Lakeshore East:

  • Union Station 15:20 – Durham College Oshawa GO 16:22 trip has been cancelled.

  • Durham College Oshawa GO 16:40 – Union Station 17:42 trip has been cancelled.

Lakeshore West:

  • All outbound express Lakeshore West trips from Union Station will now arrive at stations approximately five to 10 minutes later as we operate at slower speeds due to extreme heat.

  • Outbound Lakeshore West trips between 15:30 and 18:00 were adjusted to arrive 5 to 10 minutes later than originally scheduled at all station stops. Metrolinx said it expects all trips to begin as scheduled.

Kitchener Line:

  • All outbound Kitchener Line trips between 12:30 and 20:00 have been adjusted to arrive 10 minutes later than originally scheduled at all station stops. Metrolinx said it expects all trips to begin as scheduled.

VIA Rail said it anticipates similar delays in Ontario and Quebec over the next few days due to speed restrictions caused by the heat.

"Most of the tracks we operate on, 97 per cent, are owned by CN, Metrolinx, or other rail companies," the rail company said in a statement Tuesday.

"Therefore, VIA Rail must comply with any speed restrictions [also referred to as 'slow orders'] they impose."

The company said customers will be notified if their trip is affected.

"We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation beyond our control," it said.