Hot towels are coming back to Singapore Airlines flights (and they’ll smell like flowers)

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is bringing the class back to its classy service, with the flag carrier recently announcing the reinstatement of hot towels for passengers.

The hot towel service, which was a distinctive feature of SIA’s in-flight customer experience, was stopped in May 2020 to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Since then, many passengers have missed the warm and comforting gesture of being handed a moist cloth to freshen up before take-off and landing.

As reported by The Strait Times, the airline will gradually resume its hot towel service from Sept. 12, with the aim of having it available on all flights by the end of 2023.

Hot towels will first be rolled back out (no pun intended) for privileged passengers in suites, first class, and business class, while premium economy and economy passengers can look forward to freshening up with hot towels again in December 2023.

And that’s not all. The towels will carry the airline’s signature batik flora scent, which was introduced in October 2021.

The scent, developed with local artisanal perfume label SIX, is a floral-driven fragrance that includes notes from six different flowers – aquatic ginger, common della, seashore purslane, simpoh lak, utania nervosa and white kopsia.

The airline has also gradually restored other service items that were taken away in 2020, such as physical menus, magazines, appetizers and bread rolls.