Hot puppy climbs into fridge to cool down as temperatures soar in Thailand

An overheating puppy climbed inside the fridge to cool off as sweltering summer temperatures reached 42 degrees Celsius in Thailand. Adorable footage shows the male Golden Retriever pooch squeezing himself on one of the glass shelves inside the cold machine in Lampang province on April 1. The dog named Soju appeared relieved and comfortable laying flat on the cold glass looking like he was about to fall asleep. Pet owner Panya Bunhong, 25, said he opened the fridge to take some food before the clever dog jumped inside after being attracted by the cool air. He said: ‘Soju has always hated the heat. He sensed the cold air when I opened the refrigerator. He then came to check it and sneak past my legs to climb inside.’ Panya’s girlfriend, Wichuta Chain, 27, said it was not the first time that the smart dog climbed into the fridge and he often waited patiently for someone to open the fridge so he could take the chance to enjoy the cool breeze. Wichuta said: ‘Soju did that to me once as well. It was a hot afternoon and he could not bear the heat so he waited for me to come to the kitchen and open the fridge. He was so patient.’ The puppy was pulled out of the refrigerator after a few minutes and was taken to the bedroom to cool off in front of an electric fan instead. Forecasters said the 42 degrees Celsius temperature was the hottest in the country so far this year as the summer season officially started this month and is expected to last until early June.