‘Hot Ones’ Host Sean Evans Gushes Over ‘Chicken Shop Date’ Host Amelia Dimoldenberg: ‘I Feel This Transatlantic Kismet’ (Video)

“Hot Ones” host Sean Evans closed his interview with “Chicken Shop Date” host Amelia Dimoldenberg on Thursday with some words of admiration for the British media personality. It was a particularly sweet moment on a spicy show, considering Dimoldenberg could be considered a rival in the business of chicken-centered journalism.

“I’ve long admired you and your work for so long. I feel this transatlantic kismet in what we do and this has been such a moment that’s so overdue and appreciate the fans who have been very vocal about peer-pressuring us into a room together,” Evans said.

“But just the bizarro chicken-fueled interview worlds that we live in, and the way that they’ve grown so organically on either side of the pond, and then becoming friends with you all along. It just feels like a great moment, a bow on the present kind of moment, and with that out of the way, I have nothing left to do but roll out the red carpet for you, Amelia.”

Dimoldenberg responded in kind to Evans’ “moment of appreciation.”

“No wait, that’s gonna make me cry! The wings didn’t make me cry, but that might make me cry, because that was really such a lovely thing of you to say because I totally agree with everything that you’ve said,” she said. “It’s been so amazing to see both of our journeys and how there are so many similarities to what we do, but we have our own lane completely and I’m such a fan of of your interview style and how you’ve made it really your own and my favorite thing to do is to get a different side to a guest and that’s exactly what you do. You’re so well-researched and it’s just really like, top-tier. You take it seriously, and so do I and it’s just been amazing to be here today. And thank you for inviting me because I was waiting for you to make the first move.”

Evans, her kindred spirit in chicken-based interviews, opened his spicy wing gauntlet interview with her asking about the craziest behavior Dimoldenberg has witnessed in her time as the host of “CSD,” which led to a conversation about interviewing Jennifer Lawrence and being followed by paparazzi.

“There was like photos in the Daily Mail [with the headline] ‘Jennifer Lawrence Exiting a Chicken Shop in Edgware Road,’ which was just crazy to me because I grew up like on like one row away from Edgware Road,” she recalled.

Dimoldenberg also shared her perspective on stating the obvious, how to secure a solid red carpet interview and what she does to make a guest relax into interviews.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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