Hot off a lawsuit, Dark and Darker dev announces mobile port

 Dark and Darker class guide
Dark and Darker class guide

A mobile version of Dark and Darker has been announced, and it's being published by the company behind PUBG Mobile.

Earlier today on August 24, PUBG Mobile publisher Krafton announced it had struck a deal with developer Ironmace for a mobile version of Dark and Darker. "We've been watching Dark and Darker’s potential and distinct creativity with great interest," said Rafael Lim, senior head of publishing at Krafton, in a statement.

"From the genre to the setting of the overall IP, Dark and Darker tapped into something compelling with its existing PC release. Here at Krafton, we can’t wait to share these exciting dungeon runs with a whole new community of fans on mobile." Right now, these are all the details Krafton and Ironmace can share about the mobile version of Dark and Darker.

Ultimately, we don't know when Dark and Darker will eventually be coming to mobile devices, and we also don't know how the port of the game will function. It could very well be a cloud-based version of the multiplayer game, or it could be a full native port, given Krafton's experience with PUBG Mobile.

This news follows hot on the heels of Krafton developer Ironmace succeeding in getting a lawsuit against it dropped. Publisher Nexon originally sued Ironmace over allegations of stolen assets, which caused Dark and Darker to be pulled from Steam, something Ironmace is still working to remedy.

Earlier this month, a US judge ruled that Nexon's lawsuit would be better heard in South Korea, where Ironmace is based, and so dismissed the lawsuit on those grounds. This doesn't mean Ironmace is free of the lawsuit, though, as Nexon could now file the suit again in South Korea.

For the moment at least, Dark and Darker is available in early access via two websites, neither of which you've probably ever heard of.

On the development front, a new Dark and Darker patch discouraged players from running around naked, just last week.