Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Wisconsin Train

A hot air balloon became entangled with a moving train in Burlington, Wisconsin, on June 1, with three people suffering injuries as the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.

Footage captured by Christina Donnamaria shows the hot air balloon slowly descending above the Canadian National train. Her footage also features the deflating balloon being carried along following the collision.

The pilot and two passengers were hospitalized following the incident, with two of the three airlifted from the scene, officials were reported as saying. By the next day, the group was released from the hospital, and were said to be “recovering”.

“It was traumatic to say the least,” Donnamaria told Storyful, who witnessed the scene alongside her eight-year-old son, who she commended for being “courageous” as he jumped “fences to get to the people and save them”.

Local media outlet Kenosha News reported on June 2 that “federal investigators are sending a balloon specialist to explore” the incident. Credit: Christina Donnamaria via Storyful

Video transcript

- Look, mom. Look how big it is! I can literally see the people!

- It's so cool.

- I know.

- Don't worry about us. We're just chasing hot air balloons.

- Now we're chasing the train too. Look at it. What the--

- It's right above the tracks.


- It's huge.

- I know. You know you pull like, the fire trigger, so it could go higher?

- What's this guy doing?

- Watching them.

- Oh, why is it so close to the train? It's going down.

- Well, falling down. Oh.

[GASPS] Oh-oh.

- Oh my God, I told you! [GASPS]

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