Hospitals in Indonesia are turning away women going into labour due to lack of COVID-19 equipment

A hospital in Indonesia opted not to treat two women going into labour due to a lack of beds and personal protective equipment amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Diana Hendri Rahayu, 26, was turned away from Madina hospital in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, as they did not accept patients during the coronavirus pandemic. The 26-year-old was then taken to another hospital where she was again turned away as they had no room.

Fortunately, Rahayu was taken to a private clinic where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy on April 29.

Another pregnant woman, Sri Mahayu, 33, was turned away from Indonesian Army Hospital due to fears she had contracted COVID-19.

Mahayu's sister Ema Malini said: "The nurse said that childbirth cannot be processed here. We were told to go to another hospital because the membranes had broken. In both hospitals, there is a tool to detect contracted COVID-19 or not."

They then went to a private clinic in the suburbs where Mahayu gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 2.

After the ordeal, the Bukittinggi branch of the Indonesian Midwives Association apologised.

Bukittinggi's Mayor Ramlan Nurmatias asked pregnant women to follow hospital services procedures.