Horse in 'Stable' Condition After Rescue From Ditch in England

A horse was rescued after it fell into a water-filled ditch in Solihull, southeast of Birmingham, England, on Tuesday, January 11, with the help of fire crews, the horse’s owners, local veterinarians, and a dog, fire officials said.

Solihull Fire Station, part of the West Midlands Fire Service, released this video showing several people using ropes and a tractor to drag the horse, named Jack, out of the ditch and onto level ground.

Describing the successful rescue on Facebook, Solihull fire officials used an array of horse-related puns. “So we ‘hoofed’ it to a job this morning, without ’stall’ing, to rescue the ‘Mane’ man Jack who had taken a tumble into a ditch. We had to call on more ‘horse power’ and Bickenhill Fire Station – Technical Rescue as well as a tractor, the horse owners, local vets and Ella the German shepherd,” they wrote.

“Jack is now in a ‘stable’ condition,” they added.

The horse’s owner, Lauren McEwan, said she was “terrified and in tears” as she raced to Jack’s aid, the Birmingham Mail reported. “He’s 24, so he’s an older boy, but he is like my child,” she was quoted as saying. McEwan praised fire crews for arriving so quickly, describing their response as “phenomenal,” the report said.

McEwan told local media that Jack was “completely uninjured … I went down to see him this morning and he was just walking around like nothing happened.” Credit: Solihull Fire Station (WMFS) via Storyful

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