Horse helps himself to cyclist's bottle of apple juice on a hot day

Dave is a fan of cycling around on warm, summer days and he has his favourite routes. He also has his favourite spots to stop and they often involve a visit with a horse named Blaze. Dave often shares a granola bar, an apple, or some raisins with Blaze and he picks him some alfalfa and sweet grass that grows just outside the paddock.

On this hot day, Dave had a bottle of apple juice and Blaze seemed to be very interested. He might have smelled the apple or he might have simply been inquisitive, but he got his mouth on the top of the bottle and decided that he liked what was in it. Dave thought this was pretty funny and he had an extra bottle, so sharing with his buddy wasn't a problem at all. By the time they were finished, Blaze had downed half the bottle.

Horses don't have a mouth suited for cycling bottles, so a lot of the juice dribbled down his chin. But the portion that he did get seemed to really hit the spot.

Dave continues to cycle past Blaze's pasture regularly and he always brings a treat, as well as an occasional slurp of juice. But Dave keeps that water bottle for Blaze to use each time. Although buddies don't mind sharing, it's a good idea to have a special water bottle just for your horse buddy to use.