The Horror! ‘Queer Eye’ Makes Over a Fraternity House in Season 7 Trailer (Video)

We’ve seen “Queer Eye” make over all types of heroes over the years — from ranchers to gay pastors. But we’ve never seen anything like what Season 7 is promising. In Netflix’s first trailer for the new season, which premieres on May 12, the Fab Five are going to be helping the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha.

“That’s right, we’re doing a frat house,” Bobby Berk says in the trailer.

It isn’t long before those cheery quips become screams of horror as the five enter this mold and fly-covered party house. It’s all part of Berk, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown and Tan France’s new season in New Orleans. But it’s not going to be all sequins and Mardi Gras masks. In the tear-filled trailer, the team asks their heroes to confront everything from toxic masculinity to their own internalized homophobia.

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“No one has ever made me cry like this on this f–king TV show before,” Van Ness says in the trailer.

The season will also include what Van Ness has dubbed one of his biggest makeovers “arguably in ‘Queer Eye’ history.” As usual, this season promises to be emotional, but everyone will leave it looking fabulous.

“Queer Eye” first premiered on Netflix in 2018 as a reboot of Bravo’s beloved series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” Just like in the original, every member of the team handles a specific subset of the makeover. Porowski specializes in food and wine, Berk handles interior design, Van Ness is grooming, Karamo is culture, and France tackles fashion. But whereas the original often mocked its makeover subjects for their questionable fashion and life choices, “Queer Eye” has made a point of embracing its “heroes” — the word the series uses for its subjects.

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The reality show has been praised for its strong LGBTQ representation and for showcasing communities that include people of color. To date, the series has won nine Primetime Emmys as well as a GLAAD Media Award. It’s also spawned two spinoff series from Netflix. A German adaptation premiered in March of 2022, which was followed by a Brazilian adaptation the same year.

Jennifer Lane serves as the showrunner and executive producer for “Queer Eye.” The reality series is executive produced by David Collins, Michael Williams and Rob Eric for Scout Productions as well as Jordana Hochman and Mark Bracero for ITV Entertainment. Additionally, Kori Kingg serves as co-executive producer.

Watch the “Queer Eye” Season 7 trailer above.

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