Horizon Forbidden West 'Complete Edition' has been rated in Singapore, and fans are hoping it releases on PC


Horizon Forbidden West 'Complete Edition' has been rated in Singapore, leaving fans to hope a PC release of the sequel is on the way soon too.

The IMDA (Singapore's rating board) has rated a game titled 'Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition'. According to the rating, which has since been taken off the website, the 'complete edition' will contain Horizon Forbidden West along with its DLC Burning Shores in one neat package.

The rating doesn't confirm what platforms the new edition of the game is set to release on (although it'll likely just be PS5), but it does reveal that the collection is due sometime this year - so expect an official announcement on this sooner rather than later. Following the rating's discovery, Horizon fans have begun discussing the possibility of a PC release of the sequel, especially considering Burning Shores is only available on PS5.

"My guess is this one will have a PC version," one Reddit user says, pointing towards the NVIDIA leak from 2021 which did mention the Guerrilla sequel in its list of upcoming PC ports. "I feel like a PC port in the future is very obvious. [Horizon Zero Dawn] got one, why wouldn’t this after some time passes?", another adds, "This means we are closer to a PC release!", one more Horizon fan has said.

Guerrilla and PlayStation are yet to announce a Horizon Forbidden West PC release, but since we know more PlayStation games are coming to PC, and Horizon Zero Dawn 'Complete Edition' is already available via Steam, it does seem pretty likely to be on its way eventually.

Other fans have got their sights set on new PlayStation-related promotions, with one fan revealing they're hoping we get an official Horizon-themed PS5 controller or console alongside the complete edition's release. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed for that one.

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