'Hope we're still alive by the time you air this'


The massive flooding that has gripped parts of China for the last week has hit farmland particularly hard, leaving disturbing images of farmers trying to sift out their dead animals from the devastation.

In one area, Henan province in central China, residents say they aren't even sure if they'll survive.

This farmer is telling us to hope he's "still alive" by the time this report airs.

"There's no food or water," he says. "Life can't go on. How can life go on? We're bankrupt."

The dead farm animals have bloated, and now float in the water. Complicating matters, is that last summer China was hit badly by African swine fever, which isn't harmful to humans but usually kills pigs.

Now that the flooding washed out the manure on the farms, there's worry that another outbreak could be coming.

That could prove an even worse loss for some farmers than the immediate impact of the floods.

A farmer named Mr. Cheng told us he's already lost almost his entire pig farm, his entire livelihood. He'll have to become a migrant laborer to survive.

"We have no other skills," he says. "We can only find migrant work to make a living. We have no choice because we have elderly people and children to take care of."

A typhoon hit eastern China on Sunday, causing more flooding. Over a million people have been reportedly relocated.

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