Hoo Goes There? Cat Guards House as Owl Stares Through Window

A man in Fargo, North Dakota, said he was astonished to find an owl right outside his house on March 9, after the family cat raised the alarm with a series of growls.

In the video recorded by James Schiltz, five-year-old Toulouse the cat can be seen with fur spiked up, before the camera reveals a yellow-eyed owl, also puffed up, staring from the other side of the glass.

Schiltz told Storyful that the owl was no stranger to the household, as he suspected it was the same one that “[lived] in a willow tree about 50 yards away from my house,” but said the family was “astonished” to find the bird so close.

“We recently received a lot of snow, so there was probably a challenge for the owl finding food,” he said. He added that his security camera recorded the bird flying around the property before walking up to the front porch. Credit: James Schiltz via Storyful

Video transcript