Hong Kong police charge four in murder of model

STORY: A grisly murder case in Hong Kong saw four people charged on Monday in connection with the crime-

-after police found parts of the body of 28-year-old model Abby Choi in a village house in the city’s outskirts.

A court ruling on Monday charged three men, aged 28 to 65, with murder:

Choi’s ex-husband, Alex Kwong, his brother Anthony, and their father, Kwong Kau, who were all arrested Sunday.

They also charged a 63-year-old woman with one count of obstructing the case.

Local broadcaster TVB said on Sunday Choi’s former mother-in-law had also been among those arrested.

The court ruled all four be denied bail.

Police superintendent Alan Chung:

“All of the arrested persons have been uncooperative up to this point in time, making our investigation very difficult. We are now relying on our own investigations and intelligence analysis to determine which areas we should be searching.”

Choi was a local influencer who had recently appeared on the digital cover of L'Officiel Monaco fashion magazine.

The killing has gripped tabloids in the city since she disappeared last Tuesday.

A police statement said officers had discovered parts of her body in a three-story house in the rural district of Tai Po last week...

...and that they also found a meat slicer and electric saw on the scene.

The court adjourned a hearing on the case to May 8.