Hong Kong 'Pillar of Shame' Tribute to Tiananmen Victims Removed From University Campus

A monument at Hong Kong University (HKU) that commemorated the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre was obscured from public view and removed on Wednesday, December 22, according to the South China Morning Post.

According to local media the monument was hidden by curtains and barriers around 10:30 pm local time. Social media users posted about hearing construction noises, saying the area was cordoned off without notice and surrounded by security guards.

The monument’s removal stems from increasing pressure from the Beijing government, local reporter Alvin Lum said. According to the HKU undergraduate student council’s Instagram account, the monument has been removed and will be stored somewhere safe until a suitable owner is found.

Danish artist Jens Galschiot, the designer of the Pillar of Shame, condemned the monument’s removal, calling it “completely unreasonable” and “a disgrace.”

This footage, posted to Twitter by Mithil Aggarwal, shows the area where the monument had been displayed. “It’s completely gone,” Aggarwal says in the video.

The Pillar of Shame became a permanent fixture on the University of Hong Kong campus in 1997, according to the university website. Credit: Mithil Aggarwal via Storyful

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