Hong Kong mandates face masks in indoor public places as COVID-19 cases surge

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Hong Kong, July 19 (ANI): Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Sunday announced that all citizens will have to wear masks in indoor public places. Out of the 108 new COVID-19 cases confirmed on Sunday, 83 were locally transmitted while 25 were imported, South China Morning Post quoted the Centre of Health Protection as saying at a daily press briefing. Among 25 imported cases, 15 were reported from the Philippines, including three seamen and 10 domestic workers and the rest came from countries including Pakistan, France and the United States. Till now, 1,885 cases of the infection have been reported in the city, with 12 deaths. "The situation is very severe and there are no signs this is getting under control," Lam said at a press conference. (ANI)