Honest driver leaves RM100 and apology after accidentally damaging KL restaurant manager’s car

Melanie Chalil
Hir Niezam Nasihin said it was hard to find good people these days and he was pleasantly surprised. — Picture from Facebook/Hir Niezam Nasihin

PETALING JAYA, Oct 18 — There is nothing more infuriating than discovering a dent or scratch on your vehicle, courtesy of someone else.

But Hir Niezam Nasihin received a pleasant surprise when he found himself in a similar situation just last week.

After running errands outside Public Bank in Taman Sri Gombak, Niezam returned to his car to find RM100 with an apology note stuck on his windscreen.

A driver had accidentally scratched his car in what is assumed to be a minor car accident.

Touched by the driver’s honesty, Niezam took to Facebook to share the incident as well as to find the responsible individual.

He told mStar he did not expect to find such an honest, kind and responsible person who owned up to their mistake.

Niezam returned the money to the driver after she contacted him on Facebook. — Picture from Facebook/Hir Niezam Nasihin

“When I got back to my car, I saw a note and an envelope stuck underneath my wiper. I opened the note in the car and was shocked to see two RM50 notes along with a letter.

“In the note, the individual said sorry for accidentally scratching my car and left the money as compensation for the damage caused.

“I was touched because I didn’t expect the person to be so kind. These days it’s hard to find good people. Dear God, please let me find this person,” the 31-year-old said.

Previously, Niezam said he wanted to meet the driver to return the cash.

The post garnered 6,600 shares, along with many comments from social media users.

After several days of sharing the post, the driver who scratched Niezam’s car got in touch with him via direct message on Facebook.

“The lady driver apologised once more for her mistake of damaging my car. Even more touching was the fact she was willing to top up the amount she gave me in case it wasn’t enough.

“But as a gesture of gratitude for her honesty, I returned the money. We didn’t get to meet, so I banked in the money to her,” the restaurant manager from Kuala Lumpur said.

He also added he was taken aback by the positive reactions received following his viral post where members of the public praised the female driver for her act of honesty and Niezam’s sincere will to return the money.

“There were negative comments too, but I don’t mind because my intention was to find the driver,” he said.

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