Honda shakeup aims to catch Tesla on EVs

STORY: Honda is playing catch-up on EVs.

It wants to match rivals like Tesla and China’s BYD.

On Tuesday (January 24) the Japanese firm said it would create a new division to drive forward on EVs.

From April, that will consolidate all work on electrification strategy and development.

That covers cars, motorbikes and power products like generators.

Honda will also combine six regional operations into just three - China, North America and the rest of the world.

The firm says that will help drive resource shifts in line with the new strategy for its product lineup.

As part of that, it plans to focus on mid- to large-size cars in China and North America, and smaller vehicles elsewhere.

Honda last year set out a target to launch 30 EV models globally.

It wants to be producing 2 million such vehicles every year by 2030.