Homeowners' Association Tells Texas Woman to Remove Pole-Dancing Skeletons From Yard

A Texas woman’s Halloween display was not a hit with her community homeowners’ association, who gave her 30 days to remove some pole-dancing skeletons from the yard of her Richmond home.

Angela Nava got creative this spooky season when she turned her lawn into an adult-themed bar for decorative skeletons, complete with pole dancers and a DJ.

Nava told ABC13 that neighbors had loved the tongue-in-cheek decorations, but it turned out not everyone was a fan. She said she received a letter from the homeowners’ association asking her to take down the “offensively positioned” display.

However, she said that since the 30-day deadline fell after Halloween, she was going to keep it up for the festival.

“When I got the letter, I was a little sad,” Nava told ABC13. “I thought, ‘Okay, I’m just going to take it down. I’m going to comply. I’m going to take it down and just not do this anymore.’ But then I got so much support off of Facebook, and I said, ‘Forget it. People are having so much fun with this, and they love it, I’m going to continue to do it.’” Credit: Angela Nava via Storyful