Regressive HOA caught in blatant lie over allegedly illegal parking policy: ‘Lawsuits will be filed’

The HOA that governs the Decatur condominium in Colorado recently banned electric vehicles from its parking garage, reports the Summit Daily.

According to the outlet, residents received an email that said electric vehicles could no longer park or charge in the facility due to concerns about “increased fire risks if an (electric vehicle) fire happens in our garage.”

The HOA further claimed that “water will not extinguish a battery fire in an (electric vehicle), making a sprinkler system useless,” and that the design of the garage wouldn’t allow firefighters to address the situation effectively.

This quickly became a problem for longtime residents who own electric vehicles, like Marissa Dailey. Dailey told the Summit Daily that outdoor parking near the condo was often full and that the ban would prevent her from driving her EV. Instead, she said she’ll have to resort to a traditional gas-powered SUV.

While the HOA claimed that the ban was based on advice from the fire marshal, Summit Fire spokesperson Steve Lipsher said his department gave no such recommendation.

“We told them if they were going to install a charging station that it should be done in consultation with the fire marshal to ensure that, like any electrical power system, it meets fire code,” Lipsher told the Summit Daily. “But there is no guidance nor authority otherwise … about the use or parking of electric vehicles.”

Lipsher added that the decision to bar EVs from the garage comes entirely from the HOA.

Many drivers choose EVs over gas-powered cars to save money since charging a battery is typically around 3.5 times cheaper than filling a tank. Others drive EVs to protect the environment from the heat-trapping gases that traditional cars produce.

Barriers to EV use, like parking bans, cost drivers money while also contributing to the Earth’s rising temperatures.

One Reddit user shared the Summit Daily article on the r/Colorado subreddit, where commenters were scornful of the ban.

“Hello lawsuits,” says one comment, while another speculates, “There is zero chance that the EV industry will allow this precedent to be set … Lawsuit will be filed and funded by the EV industry.”

Decatur’s HOA isn’t the first to try to block eco-friendly choices by residents. One Maryland HOA tried to force a couple to remove their native wildflowers, while others have objected to homeowners installing solar panels.

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