How to make homemade Japanese panko

Panko (パン粉) is a type of flaky bread crumbs used in Japanese cuisine as a crunchy coating for fried foods, such as Tonkatsu. For the most authentic taste, use soft, crustless white bread. It's very easy to make if you ever find yourself in a bind when making Japanese cuisine that calls for Panko and you have none! Simply by dehydrating bread in an oven on its lowest setting or by leaving in the fridge wrapped in a paper towel and processing it, you can make yourself some super crunchy Panko. Store in an airtight container in freezer to save for a later date. ============================================================= ❥ Please visit & subscribe our YouTube channel! : ❥ Instagram : ============================================================= ● Ingredients ・Stale (White) Bread ● Recipe ① Wrap leftover bread in a paper towel and let dry in the refrigerator for 2~3 days. If in a rush, dehydrate in oven set to its lowest setting for an hour or as needed. ② When the bread is stiff, cut and tear into small pieces and process in a food processor. ③ Sift the bread crumbs through a coarse sieve. Repeat steps ② and ③ as many times as needed to achieve desired amount. ● Cooking tips ・it’s convenient to store the finished Panko in the freezer ・for best results, use white, crustless bread (Shokupan, if you can find it locally) ・large bread crumbs remaining after sieving can be warmed in the microwave for a short time to dry, and then poured into a food processor again to break them into small pieces. when yusing the microwave, it's a good idea to check on it often as not to burn the bread.

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