Homeless Irpin residents move into train carriages

STORY: Ukraine's railway company Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) has converted five train carriages into fully serviced housing to provide a roof over the heads of some 100 people facing homelessness. The carriages have air-conditioning, toilets, and access to Starlink internet, donated by SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk

Ukrzaliznytsia said the temporary housing area also has gazebos with barbecue facilities, a children’s playground near the train carriages and a summer cinema, which can be accessed only by residents with special cards. An NGO is providing free meals to residents staying in the carriages.

The first families to move into the temporary housing, dubbed "Iron Town", arrived on Wednesday (June 15).

Sitting inside the narrow train compartment with her husband, Samsonova wiped away tears.

“My good man, he is my helper. What would I do without him?” said the 72-year old, comforting her husband, who also shed tears.

The couple who have been moving around and staying with family after being left homeless, will now make a life in this small space as they start to rebuild their life.

Irpin, some 16 miles northwest of the capital Kyiv, experienced intense fighting in early March. About 71%of buildings in Irpin have either been damaged or destroyed since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian officials.

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