This Home Gardening Kit Lets You Grow Peas And Turn Them Into Sausages

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peas sausages
peas sausages

Yes, you read that headline right. These days, sausages aren’t just made from beef or pork, they can also be made with peas! The Swedish brand Peas of Heaven will even send you a kit to grow your own peas at home, in return for which you will receive a home-grown sausage. What’s not to like?

This grow-your-own-sausage initiative is as original as it is clever, securing some great publicity for plant-based alternatives to meat. In Sweden, the small family business Peas of Heaven is encouraging consumers to put their green thumbs to use to participate in the production of meat-free sausages. As well as being a great promotional campaign, the company wants to involve consumers in the manufacturing process by offering them the opportunity to grow peas at home.

If you’ve got a gift for gardening, then Peas of Heaven is offering you the chance to put your skills into practice with tasty results. Planting kits have been prepared and are being sent to customers who order products from the brand’s online store. Seeds are provided, as well as an instruction leaflet and a bag in which gardeners can then return their harvest.

After 50 days — the theoretical time-frame for growing the Peas of Heaven peas — the resulting produce should be returned to the firm. In exchange, budding farmers will receive a plant-based sausage (theoretically) made from the peas that they have grown at home.

Developed in conjunction with the advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the initiative is designed to raise awareness of the fact that sausages don’t necessarily have to be made from meat. The veggie sausage market is expected to be worth $8.3 billion by 2026, growing at an estimated annual rate of 11.3%.

Find out more about Peas of Heaven here.

This story was published via AFP Relaxnews

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