Holy pigs presented to gods for Taiwan Hakka fest

The pigs are tributes to deceased Hakka war heroes at Taoyuan's Yimin Temple, marking the Qing Dynasty in China, when Hakka militia men struggled to protect their families from hostile forces.

Those ancestors are celebrated in the pig festival each year as part of the so-called ghost month, a time to pay respect to deceased ancestors in Taiwan.

This year, the ten winners of the competition - out of the more than twenty contestants that originally registered their pigs for the competition - were allowed to bring their pigs to temple premises.

The pigs can grow up to five times the size of normal pigs, being force-fed over two years to provide ancestors with huge sacrifices.

Hakkas are a cultural sub-group of the Han Chinese, originating from southern China, which also emigrated throughout Asia and are represented in large numbers in Taiwan.

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