200kg bull rescued by crane after it climbed up to balcony of two-story building in India

A bull weighing 200kg (440 lbs) was rescued from the balcony of the upper floor of a two-storey building in India on Friday 3 September. The rescue, which required a crane, took place in the Nadol area of Pali district in Rajasthan. According to shop owner Sonu, who owns an office on the upper floor of the building, the bull came up via the stairs, taking shelter from the rain at around 11:30am in morning. Police, helped by locals, tried for hours to get the creature to descend the stairs they climbed, to no avail. Eventually a crane was arranged but the bull was nervous and not making it easy for rescuers to tie rope around it, so a vet was called. The vet was able to give the bull an injection that calmed it down and finally it was possible to lift the bull down using the crane. The whole process took about seven hours, anding at about 6pm local time. Once the bull was down, the vet inspected it and gave it some injections while locals gave it food and water.

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