How Hollywood Studios Go Green On and Off the Set

Trey Williams

As pressure from activists and celebrities for more environmentally friendly practices continue to mount, studios are looking to increase their efforts and work together to decrease Hollywood’s carbon footprint. Hollywood, with its average of 700 films a year and increasing number TV projects, can have a significant impact on the environment. Movies with a budget of $50 million dollars typically produce the equivalent of roughly 4,000 metric tons of CO2, according to a blog from the Earth Institute at Columbia University. That is roughly the weight of a giant sequoia tree. The environmental impact tied to film and TV projects includes everything from flights for actors, to food for production crews, fuel for generators and electricity for lighting. Pyrotechnical scenes also generate their share of carbon and greenhouse gases. Hollywood studios have had, in one way or another, practices in place in order to curb emissions and waste. However, with the conversations around climate change heating up, Warner Bros. director of sustainability Mike Slavich said the heightened awareness has led to innovative collaborations and an increased willingness from cast and crew to adopt environmentally-friendly practices. Also Read: How 'There's Something in the Water' Director Ellen Page Stumbled Into Her Film...

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