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Hollyoaks finished off 2019 with one of its most talked-about episodes – a flashforward special giving a tantalising glimpse of the future.

The game-changing edition teased a number of shock events due to take place on December 31 this year – including a tragic death and a mystery wedding.

Since the episode aired, Digital Spy has taken every chance we can to quiz the Hollyoaks cast about their reaction to the flashforward. Here's what they've told us so far.

1. James Sutton knows who dies

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The Hollyoaks flashforward ended with a glimpse of John Paul McQueen in tears, next to a crime scene and body bag outside The Hutch. It seems that someone close to John Paul won't be living to see 2021.

Most of the Hollyoaks cast have insisted that they have no idea who'll be killed off at the end of the year, but James Sutton – who plays John Paul – seems to be the exception.

Asked whether he knows who's inside the body bag, James told Digital Spy: "I've got a very, very good idea. I probably know more than most people. But it hasn't been revealed yet! It's going to be very interesting.

"I hope the audience can come to terms with who's in the body bag! New Year's is going to be a hell of an episode this year."

James also teased us with the possibility that we can't rule out John Paul as the mystery death, even though he was the one standing next to the body bag.

He laughed: "That might be a double bluff! It could have been the ghost of John Paul you were seeing next to the body bag! Don't put it past Hollyoaks to show a ghost!"

2. Callum Kerr is worried it's curtains for PC Kiss

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Hollyoaks aired its flashforward in December, then excitedly announced the casting of Callum Kerr as PC Kiss a month later. Unsurprisingly, fans started to put two and two together and speculated that PC Kiss was being introduced just to be cruelly killed off at the end of the year.

When Digital Spy asked Callum whether he was worried, he replied: "Absolutely, yeah! I'd love to have a long, healthy stint on the show.

"But George is in a very dangerous line of work during a very dangerous time. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed – I pray that it's not me in the bag, but I don't know that myself yet. I've not read the stories that far in advance!"

PC Kiss is closely involved with the County Lines drug dealing storyline, making him a strong contender to be killed off. Plus, he's John Paul's boyfriend – could JP be mourning for a lost love at the end of the year?

3. David Tag says Sylver is a death contender

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Sylver McQueen wasn't involved in the show's flashforward scenes, but David Tag – who plays him – has hinted to Digital Spy that he can't be ruled out entirely. After all, he is a McQueen and it's possible that John Paul is crying over another tragic death in the family.

Asked whether the body bag drama is nerve-wracking for the cast, David admitted: "It is really! We know storylines up until a certain time, but we don't know the future for ourselves within the next year. I suppose it's a little bit scary, but it is part and parcel of it.

"If one of us is going to die, it'll be a big storyline anyway, so we get to be involved quite heavily. If it happens, it happens – I'll take it on the chin and act my heart out!"

4 and 5. Billy Price and Kirsty-Leigh Porter think people should be worried for Sid

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In a potentially ominous sign, Sid featured in the present-day story of the flashforward episode but was nowhere to be seen in the future scenes. Leela was looking for him and was startled to find his guitar destroyed on the ground.

On the possibility that Sid is being killed off, Billy Price – who plays him – told Digital Spy: "Sid's a massive contender! The audience should be worried. But there are so many other characters in the mix too – and things that are happening this year that haven't been shown yet – so there are so many different contenders.

"At some points in the year, people will be thinking: 'Sid will definitely be in the body bag'. Then at other points, people might think differently. It keeps you on a string and you'll be worried about so many different characters.

"I think you should be worried about Sid, but it might change over the course of the year."

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Kirsty-Leigh Porter, who plays Leela Lomax, also told us: "Even for me, the flash-forward episode was worrying because I saw that things are not going to go well.

"Billy is brilliant, he breaks my little heart and he's brilliant at playing the role of that kid who gets wrapped up in trouble and wants to impress.

"He wants to be the big man – be like Jordan and be this cool guy trying to get people to like him. But Leela knows he's not that guy and that he wants to play music instead.

"He’s so happy with his guitar, so to see it smashed up in the flash-forward is powerful, it breaks my heart."

6. Gregory Finnegan expects a body bag twist

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Gregory Finnegan's character James Nightingale is among our contenders for the New Year tragedy – not only because of his links to the County Lines plot, but also because of his on-off romantic connection with John Paul.

However, when Digital Spy spoke to Gregory about the body bag teaser, he floated the possibility that all is not as it seems.

Asked for his take on the mystery, he laughed: "I've heard speculation! But I don't know who's in it. It doesn't do to dwell on body bags in Hollyoaks – you never know, it could be a fake-out or a twist.

"With those kinds of things, there's probably not much point in giving it too much thought. But I'm sure when it does come out, it'll be a surprise and keep everyone guessing to the last."

7 and 8. Owen Warner and Ruby O'Donnell tease a Peri wedding twist

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The other big talking point from the flashforward was the mystery wedding featuring the teen characters. Romeo and Tom were seen in similar suits outside The Dog, making it unclear which of them – if either – was the groom.

When Tom complained that Romeo was going to ruin the wedding, Romeo replied: "I still love her – what am I supposed to do?"

Digital Spy caught up with Owen Warner, who plays Romeo, in February and he acknowledged that many of the wedding theories seem to involve Peri.

He told us: "I've seen theories that me and Tom are getting married, I've seen theories that I'm marrying Peri, and I've seen theories that Tom is marrying Peri!

"There have been all sorts of theories. It's nice, because it's so open-ended. The fact that there are so many theories shows that nobody has got a clue, which is nice.

"The writers have given us some hints but they're being quite tight-lipped about it."

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More recently, we asked Ruby O'Donnell – who plays Peri – about the same fan theories and she certainly wasn't ruling it out either.

Ruby told us: "The flashforward episode obviously gives away a lot of clues as to what is happening in the episode.

"I have seen that theory about Peri if I'm honest and it is a possibility. But then again, anything could happen in Hollyoaks. They could be wrong or they could be right."

9. Lysette Anthony expects a profound turning point for Marnie and Misbah

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One of the more subtle surprises in the flashforward episode showed Marnie and Misbah as unexpected BFFs. They don't get along well at the moment, but one scene set in December 2020 saw Marnie refer to Misbah as the "greatest friend" she'd ever had.

Marnie added: "I don't know how I would have got through this year without you."

In a recent interview, Lysette Anthony – who plays Marnie – explained that she's expecting a big moment which will ultimately bring the two characters closer.

She said: "I'm really looking forward to this. We're not there yet – Misbah and Marnie are scrapping at the moment as usual, but hopefully something profound is going to happen.

"However bad-tempered and judgemental and impatient Marnie can be, when push comes to shove, and if someone is loyal and kind, she will give that back in spades."

Hollyoaks currently airs new episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4. Classic episodes, titled Hollyoaks Favourites, air on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7pm on E4.

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