Holly Valance decides against standing for Reform UK

Holly Valance decides against standing for Reform UK

Former Neighbours star Holly Valance will not stand for Reform UK at the General Election, despite speculation.

The actress and singer was reported to be considering standing against Tory party chairman Richard Holden in a bid to be elected as an MP for Basildon and Billericay in the July 4 poll.

The Australian-born celebrity had been thinking about becoming a last minute candidate for the right-wing party before the deadline shut at 4pm on Friday. But she told GB News that she ultimately decided against standing.

She said: “It's not going to work for me - it was very difficult logistics wise.”

A friend of the star earlier told the broadcaster Valance was discussing the idea of standing in the election for Reform.

The party has been contacted for comment along with a representative for Valance.

Valance previously backed the right-wing party and former Conservative MP Lee Anderson.

She told GB News’ Chopper’s Political Podcast earlier this year: “Last time I voted (for the) Conservatives, next time I’ll be voting Reform (UK).”

She attended Monday's surprise announcement by Nigel Farage to take over as Reform leader.

On Monday she told GB News that she would help Farage by knocking on doors "if asked".

The 41-year-old made headlines in February when she called for Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg to be Prime Minister and labelled leftwing ideas “crap” at the launch of the right-wing Popular Conservatives movement.

The Ex-Neighbours actor said at the event, dubbed PopCon: “Everyone starts off as a leftie and then wakes up at some point after you start either making money, working, trying to run a business, trying to buy a home, and then you realise what crap ideas they all are - and then you go to the right.”

Days later Valance’s husband Nick Candy signalled he would back a Labour government.

UK property tycoon Mr Candy, who is a Conservative Party donor has praised Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s business ties and criticised Tory infighting.

Mr Candy, who is reported to have donated £100,000 to the Tory party when Boris Johnson was prime minister in March 2020 has said the level of infighting in the Tory party has led him to think the country needs something different.