Hollow Knight: Silksong Gets New Gameplay, On Game Pass Day One

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A small, stylized bug is fighting other small, stylized bugs.
A small, stylized bug is fighting other small, stylized bugs.

Team Cherry made an appearance during today’s Xbox showcase to show off more Hollow Knight: Silksong gameplay and announced that the game will be a day-one addition to Game Pass. Still no release date, but Xbox claims it’ll be out in the next 12 months.

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Silksong, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2017's Hollow Knight, is a game that everyone hopes to see at one of these events. The original blew fans away with its dark, stylized graphics and kept them hooked with punishing, Metroidvania-style gameplay that mixed precision platforming with hardcore boss battles. And, personally, it made me fall in love with a bunch of bugs.

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The sequel puts players in control of Hornet, a popular needle-wielding character from the first game. Naturally, she employs a host of new skills as she traverses Hollow Knight’s crumbling insectoid world, but here are some of the other features Team Cherry is touting for Silksong:

Let’s just hope Xbox’s promise holds true.

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