Hogan still sees ‘crack in the door’ for presidential run

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) still sees a “crack in the door” for a potential presidential run in 2024, but cautions that he has no interest in being a “spoiler.”

In an interview with Kevin Cirilli of The Hill’s Daily Debrief, the former No Labels co-chair said he is not ruling out the possibility of running for president, but that the decision is too early to make.

“I guess you’d say there’s a crack in the door,” Hogan told Cirilli Friday. “It’s not something I’m seeking. I really have no interest whatsoever in running a suicide mission or in being a spoiler or —you know, electing Donald Trump or Joe Biden. I didn’t completely slam the door to it.”

As people across the country have encouraged Hogan to consider it, he said, “it’s too early. I think they’re going to make that decision in a month or two when you get closer to Super Tuesday.” He said he wanted to wait until after the primary, and after South Carolina, to see what happens.

Hogan stepped down as No Labels co-chair of in December and endorsed GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley just one day ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, where she placed third behind former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, respectively.

This is not the first time Logan dropped hints about a potential presidential run. His PAC, An America United, released an ad in November criticizing both major parties, on foreign policy.

“Our allies question whether they should still trust us, and our enemies question whether they should still fear us,” Hogan lamented at one point during the advertisement.

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