Hocus Pocus Fans Bring the 'Right Walk' to the 'Wrong Pharmacy'

A CVS in Louisville, Kentucky, had some unusual shoppers this October, when three women came in dressed as the Sanderson sisters from the Hocus Pocus films.

TikTok creator Mary Dowell posts with the username @Winnieof502, a nod to Bette Midler’s famous character from the films, whom she regularly dresses up as.

Dowell said she has been dressing up as the sisters with the two other women featured in the video for a couple of years now, and that they are “huge fans of the movie and enjoy meeting kids and making memories.”

The trio recorded this video after a comment on one of their other popular videos, which said their walk was not accurate.

“I made this video with the right walk, [but the] wrong pharmacy ’cause I like to be different,” Mary said, referring to a scene from Hocus Pocus 2, where the sisters visit a Walgreens. Credit: Mary Dowell via Storyful

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