Hobbs speaks after winning election for Arizona governor

In her first public speech after defeating Republican challenger and election-denier Kari Lake, Democratic Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs said she wanted to work with members of the Arizona legislature. She warned opponents who would engage in obstructionism, misinformation or extremism to “take note of the results of this election.”

Video transcript


KATIE HOBBS: To my colleagues in the legislature, we must work together to solve our urgent problems. Republicans and Democrats will have an open door to my office so we can get to work, find bipartisan compromise, and deliver for the people of Arizona. But for those of you who prefer to obstruct, spread misinformation, and continue to pursue an extreme agenda out of touch with the state, take note of the results of this election.


The voters sent us a loud and clear message they rejected the chaos because we have urgent problems. And they need and expect all of us to deliver. So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.