Hobbit houses spring up in Bosnia hills

STORY: Welcome to this Hobbits' village in Bosnia

Location: Kresevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Four sisters are building the Hobbit-style village

hoping to attract fans of 'The Lord of the Rings' books and movies

as well as sharing their childhood memories

(Vedrana Milicevic, Kresevo Hobbiton village creator) "We are here in Rakova Noga, our family village where the four of us sisters grew up, and it was here that we found inspiration to create something enchanting for outsiders as well, enticing them to visit our village, our town, and our country. We made the decision to construct the village in the form of a Hobbit community."

The Milicevic sisters have built two houses and three others are under construction

They say tourists from across the region and other European countries have already started visiting