HK superstar Jackie Chan attracts gets million 'likes' in his inaugural entry into 'live streaming'

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — Hong Kong super star Jackie Chan’s maiden entry into “live streaming” saw some 320 million “likes” while online viewership reached three million at its peak.

The figure recorded by the 68-year-old, who joined Chinese app Kuaishou, even surpassed fellow celebrity Andy Lau’s entry into “live streaming”, reported, although it was unclear the figure recorded by Lau.

According to the portal, the number of people following Chan increased at lightning speed, breaking the 10 million mark within moments after Chan joined the platform last October.

Chan was “live” on Saturday, June 25, where he was joined by an anchor and he shared his thoughts for the future and also reviewed his past work. reported that the lifetime achievement Oscar recipient opened the account in October and the livestream on Saturday was his first.

Presently, Chan has amassed 57 million followers on the platform.

Besides Chan, another big name in Kuaishou is Mandopop star Jay Chou.

Chou reportedly attracted an audience of 68 million when he did his inaugural “live stream”.