HK superstar Andy Lau eyes Hollywood roles after four decades in the entertainment industry

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 — After four decades in the entertainment industry, Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is now keen to expand to Hollywood.

Speaking to the media after receiving the Special Tribute Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, the 61-year-old said he was ready for Hollywood as long as Hollywood was ready for him.

“I got the Special Tribute Award this time, and I will return to get Best Actor next time!” said the actor-singer, as reported by Asia One.

Lau, who is married to Malaysian beauty queen Carol Chu, said he always enjoyed playing the villain.

“I don’t know why in the beginning, everyone saw me as the good guy,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying.

During his career which saw him acting in some 200 films, Lau had appeared in a variety of movie genres, from playing romantic leads, crushing bad guys and playing them.

The father of one daughter now has his own production company Focus Group Holdings Ltd.

It was previously reported that Lau declines Hollywood roles that degrade Chinese.

Acclaimed director Wong Jing had revealed that Lau rejected a role in M. Butterfly as the character had to lick the toes of a foreigner.