HK star Andy Lau takes public transport without security team tagging along (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau had his fans in awe when he boarded a high-speed rail train to Xiamen, China without his bodyguards.

In a clip shared on the Heavenly King’s fan Instagram page, the 61-year-old was wearing blue jeans with black long sleeve shirt with a face mask and a cap.

As soon as he arrived at his seat, which was next to the window, Lau started to sanitise himself.

According to Lau, the last time he travelled to Xiamen was two years ago. At that time, they used a car and the journey took them between six and seven hours.

“This time the journey is sped up by half,” he added.

Instagram user @huangwanwei2 wished Lau a happy journey and to look after his safety.

Another user @anna266666 said being an ordinary person is a happy thing.

The clip, which was posted on Wednesday (November 23), had since received 12,401 likes.